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Low Key and Laid Back

This weekend was a washout in more ways than one. It started Friday night with a deluge at West Hollywood. There were hardly anyone there and overall it was not much fun. I managed to get soaked, and my smoking jacket bled red all over my shirt. I hate being wet – especially cold and wet.

Saturday, around 8 people came over to sit and drink and gab in a very low key affair. I think my desire for organizing gatherings has been hampered this year by all of the events going on in my personal life. It is difficult to get excited and pump all your friends up when you are riding the rollercoaster of emotions and feelings about some of the same people. Oh well, no one said life was easy. Thank goodness Susie made it down. She and I had our own party – we were the only ones drinking and stayed up until 2am.

On Sunday, we went to Disneyland to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday. I am not sure if I was still glum over the last few days, but I didn’t really care for it as I had in past years. I was not impressed with the Oogie overlay, and I think last years was so much better. The Mansion is an ensemble piece and to focus that much attention on one character hurts the overall ride. I didn’t let that disappointment hamper the time I had with Susie. We got our picture taken in front of the caste and at the Golden Gate Bridge at DCA. We didn’t have time to go on anything over there, but she wanted to walk around it. She is like me – wanting to know how things are done so I had a great time explaining things to her.

I really do wish she lived closer or that I had more weekends off to go up and hang out with her. I told her that she needed to drop everything and run off with me around the country and the world. We both got excited at the prospect and were trying to figure out how we could afford it. Our best answer? Leading tours of “Lord of the Rings” sites in New Zealand. The thought of getting away from it all is very appealing to me these days, and then there is another part of me that just wants to make everything work together.

On top of it all I think I am fighting a wee bit of a cold. My throat is getting very Bea Aurthur-ish (as it likes to do this time of year) and I think it is part smoke and part sudden temperature drop (sheesh 2 weeks ago it was 95 – today it was 65 and pouring).

For all of you that asked, I will be posting some pics of the new eyebrows and from the gathering this weekend soon.