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Icky Sicky Anticipation Anderson

I’ve picked up a wee bit of a cold from somewhere. Suspects abound and many fingers are being pointed. After a good NyQuil sleep last night, I feel a bit better, but still a bit raspy in the voice. I wonder why it seems that my voice always goes out when I get sick lately. I think it is because of all the talking I do to guests at work.

Speaking of work, my interview went well (well as good as one can tell from the other chair) and they will be notifying the people who get the position at some point on Wednesday. I am excited and scared as I always get when these things happen. I am not expecting anything and will not be disappointed if I don’t get it (ok, maybe a wee bit). It is interesting timing, though. I have mentioned several times that when I go on vacation life seems to change course. With the wee bit trip to Phoenix on Thursday and New York next week, I am ripe for change – no telling what will happen or when but stay tuned!

Somehow it missed the daily update last week, but Pamela Anderson was spotted in the staging area of the Pooh ride on Wednesday. I tried to convice her with my wit and charm to go on the ride, but she opted to stay there and wait for her party and make a phone call.