Movie Reviews

One Hour Photo

I had heard good things about this movie, so I jumped at the chance to watch it. I was a bit perturbed that Blockbuster only rented the full screen version of the movie, but since it wasn’t a big epic, I decided to go ahead and rent it.

The story is basically of Sy the Photo Guy (Robin Williams) at the local Save Mart store who has a rather unhealthy interest in some of his customers. One particular family is the Yorkins – a young couple with a nine year old child. Sy has seen the youngster grow up in his pictures.

One Hour Photo is very creepy and makes me glad that all my photos are digital. Robin Williams does a fantastic job in a dramatic role and all of the supporting cast compliment each other. The music here has just the right amount of creepiness which, when combined with the pacing of Director Mark Romanek, keep you on the edge of your seat.

It’s a good movie to watch on a cold night bundled up on the couch with all the lights off.