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Heffner and a busy Holiday week

Been working like crazy out at the park this week. Its that heart warming time of year when s lot people come out each day to the park. In the middle of it all, celebrities have been dropping into the Many Adventures like an old 70’s variety show. In the past week, Hugh Heffner and some bunnies, Cindy Crawford, and Melissa Joan Hart have all stopped by the ride. Heff was my personal favorite because the ride broke down while he was on it and yours truly was the lead at the time so I had to evacuate them.

Highlight of the whole adventure? When I explained that you can see the outline of Pooh’s head on his pillow near the end of the ride in the birthday party scene one playmate turned to me and said “Oohh, he’s a dirty bear!” I nearly fell over from laughter. Heff was pretty cool as well. I do wish company policy allowed for photos with action figures since it would have been cool to get a Heff/Gorn pic.

Kevin stopped by the day after Christmas and to celebrate the family headed over to the Woods and get some cheese butter. We ate relatively early (like 3pm or so) and it through all of our clocks off. The whole night we were wondering what time it was and being amazed how early it was. We also had a chance to check out some classic family 8mm and Super 8 home movies. It might just be me, but air shows just don’t translate well without the audio.

This is the last busy week at the park for awhile – I am scheduled 42 hours, but get a nice 3 day weekend at the end of it. From there, its back to the 26 hours a week schedule and the nice relaxing days at the park.

As for Christmas, it was a low-key affair this year. I worked both Christmas Eve and Day so I didn’t see any relatives until after the actual holiday. Lemme tell you, when you are hungry on a holiday like Christmas its near impossible to get something. Thank goodness for my stockpile of frozen pizzas!

2003 has been an interesting year. I certainly hope 2004 is better. Oh, that reminds me, time to change the copyrights!