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First Crack

Gave a first try with some of the DVD software that came with the drive. I managed to create a good rough draft of a title sequence and it has given me some good ideas for when I actually get to digitize the video.

There is a new season of Ab Fab on Oxygene. I’m a bit disappointed that they bleep things out, but glad that the duo is back. I really like the opening title sequence for the show – maybe I should use something like that for the home videos?

This one is a bit late, but so far so good on my promise to try and put something up everyday.

Quote of the day: “Pregnant? Darling, you should tell people when you first meet them, otherwise they will think you are fat.” – Edina to Saffy in “Cleanin'” the first episode of Series 5. (repeated by Saffy’s bf in “Book Clubbin'”)