Survivor: All Stars

CBS has announced the Survivors for their All Stars edition that will begin airing after the Superbowl.

Some of the interesting notes: Now there are three tribes instead of two – prolly because there are 18 survivors instead of 16. I also noticed that the first two survivors have the most returnees. The original has 4: Rudy, Sue (still my fav), Richard, and Jenna. Australia has Colby, Tina, Alicia, Amber, and Jerri (I guess Elisabeth is busy with the View). That means half of the contestants are from the first two shows. I was surprised that they couldn’t convince someone like Clay from Thailand to go and the best they could get was Shii Ann (remember her? she was the one who didn’t like her original tribe and when they merged she was the first one off).

Who do I want to see it duke it out? I want to see the tribes merged with the following members left: Richard, Sue, Rudy, Tina, Colby, Kathy and Rupert. Then let them all duke it out for the million. Now that would be good TV.
Now where is the Amazing Race??