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DVD Menus are hard

Before work today, I have managed to edit the movie together and get the soundtrack working. Now I just need to master the art of DVD Menus. I am not entirely 100% happy with Pinnacle Studio 8.8. The instructions are pretty pathetic and I am having to scrounge the help files just to try and figure out how to create top level menus. I managed to create a menu for scene selection fairly easy, but I want to create a menu above that which will have the title of the move and a link to Play All and then Scene Selection. On other DVDs I make, I would also add a link to Bonus Features as well, but for this DVD I just want to get something basic going.

I was surprised how easy it is to edit audio and video clips in the program. However, unlike Sonic DVD, Pinnacle doesn’t have a fade filter that you can use on clips that you shorten. (Actually, for all I know it is there, I just haven’t found it.) Since I have tomorrow off, I suspect that I will try and actually create a DVD tomorrow from it.

One thing I have been thinking of is to try and remaster some old shorter home movie. Covina Chaos is only 40 minutes or so long, but it is mounting up to be a big chore. I should have probably started on Stonehenge or Mesoclimate Adventures first and then worked my way up. Somewhere in the back of my mind lurks Dome to Dome Twice. At over 2 hours, that one is going to be a BIG challenge! Maybe by A-V Day I’ll have some DVDs to give out!