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DVD Authoring

So far, my computer has been rendering the DVD for four hours. Me thinks I need either a) A faster computer or b) smaller movies to edit. It does remind me of making maps back at UC Davis. I noticed an error right after it started rendering. When I made maps, the first bit out of the ol’ Calcomp would usually show some goofy error.

I did manage to fix my issues with the menus. It seems I just have to set up the extra ‘return to main’ buttons before I go through and create the text and links for the menus. I also figured out how to tweak the audio. The result: A very nice looking product (well at least on the computer – it remains to be seen what happens when I write the disc).

Of course since I have worked with the movie now for days and days, my desire to watch it has diminished greatly. I hope it goes over with the relatives ’cause I am now to close to the material. I also hope than now it has been rendered I can write more copies of the DVD easily and quickly, and not have to wait 5 hours per DVD. Hard Drive space is at a premium. It looks like its sucking the whole drive. I think I will have to take my external HD I bought for the digicam photos and put it inside the machine. Now that I have two 512MB Compact Flash cards, I don’t think I will need to lug the laptop on vacations anymore. Also, if I run out of CF card space, I can always get one for pretty cheap on vacation. (Ok, not super cheap, but I managed to get a PC Card reader in Tahiti for cheap so CF cards can’t be that much!).

In other news, I did some measuring in the apartment today, and it looks like I will be able to fit the old record player cabinet next to the computer desk. This will free up space for a new couch courtesy of the place behind Dad’s work. Now I just need to make a quicky trip to AZ to drop off the table for Mom :).