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From Alan Menken…

Been a busy week at work and around the house. Where to start..hmm. Perhaps it will be easier to do some quick blurbs:

Got a new couch this weekend. Went to a furniture maker behind Dad’s work on Friday and picked one out. It was delivered on Monday and boy is it huge next to the futon. I had to move some other stuff around to make room and things are a bit tight in the apartment these days. I just need to get rid of my dining room table and chairs and I’ll be OK.

Alan Menken and a posse of teenagers came on the Pooh ride the other day. Nothing noteworthy, they were very nice.

I almost went to Japan in March. Today is the last day to get the $399 round trip fare LAX-Tokyo, but I don’t think I have enough time to organize the hotels and tours, let alone have enough money to afford the whole thing. It was very tempting because Daniel and I were talking about going and then later that same day the airfare came out. Although it appears every time I plan a vacation with him, things get weird.

A little bit of a shakeup at work, but I guess I am still being evaluated so no decision on where I lie in the pecking order at the attraction. There is so much I want to do, but sometimes it gets frustrating.

I almost reached a point last week where everything was going well – work, friends, etc. and then starting Sunday it all started to go amiss. Ugh, can’t I just get to a point where everything is nice and balanced??