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Hangin with Wen and Mice

Wendy and Mice were down this weekend at the park and it was nice to see them again. Despite some rain, we enjoyed a nice dinner at the ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney. As we were walking into the place, I mentioned that I had only ever eaten there once before. They replied “That was with us!” The food was actually good and the portions were large – add to it a 20% discount and some Häagen-Dazs afterwards, it was a nice night out.

I passed them in the park while I was walking with a co-worker. He didn’t know they were my friends, but he saw Mice posing for a picture with Lizard and leaned over to me and said “Are they friends of yours?” I laughed and mentioned, “Actually, Yes”. He then recommended that I set up an inanimate object travel site. The wheels began to turn and then I was like “Nah – too much work!”