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Tower of Terror Preview

Yesterday, I finally picked up my tickets to the Cast Member preview of the new Tower of Terror attraction that is set to open in May at DCA. It looks like the same group that went to the park in 2002 will finally be together again. Not sure how long Granny is going to last, but we will probably get her a wheelchair. Only Dianne, Amanda, and I are going on the actual ride, and for the rest of the day I am sure we will enjoy DCA since they have not been there except for a brief trip on Soarin’.

Oh, and I managed to post the Tokyo Disney Resort photos. No captions yet, and I am still organizing them, but for the most part they are all there. Still to come is my journal entries, the non-Disney Japan photos, and a new design for the Trip Diary section.

Man, I am still being bombarded with the latest worms and viruses. Today when I checked my email I had 30 messages – 20 of which were virus embedded. Oy!