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From dark blue

Well I’ve 90% recovered from my bug that hit after the Finger Incident of 2004. Sadly, the finger is still worse for the wear and makes typing difficult. I am back to my 1995 level of typing – aka the hunt and peck. It’s to difficult to try and type normally since I keep tapping my ring finger too hard. Lookswise, most of the nasty coloration has gone, but there is still some good swelling and stiffness. The nurse at work said it would be a few weeks before everything was back to normal. Last night I did a dramatic recreation of what happened to some of the crew. While they were amused, I still could not believe that it happened in the first place.

I get to finish my taxes today – whee. I actually did them a few months ago, but since I owe this year I decided to wait until now to e-file.

I did sort the Tokyo pics (all 240 or so) of them according to areas of Tokyo. I should be able to finally get them up soon. It will take me longer than expected for the trip diary thanks to the Finger Incident. Jonathan has sent some more pics from Tokyo from this past week. Man was I jealous – it looks so nice and sunny there.