Tower of Fun

Well I have now been on Tower of Terror at DCA 5 times – three times on the middle shaft and once each on the ends. If you are facing the front of the attraction the shafts are Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. I like Charlie the best, just because the show sequences are better. So far, the drop sequences have all been similar – no sign of the randomizer that was supposed to be installed. Either that or I just haven’t noticed.

On Tuesday, Granny, Jerri, Dianne, Amanda, and I headed out for a brief visit to DCA. I managed to get Dianne and Amanda on Tower. Granny liked the plants on the Heimlich Chew Chew Train and was ready to jump behind the counter at the Tortilla Factory to show the guy how to make a better tortilla sandwich. All had a good time, but they all wanted to go back to Disneyland. They liked DCA, but as with most people, they just have fond memories of DL and prefer to go there.

It was the first time I had an opportunity to walk around DCA since returning from the Tokyo Disney Resort. If you ask me, the Grizzly Peak area and Flik’s Fun Fair would have easily fit into Tokyo Disney Sea (most of the rides are already there in the Mermaid Lagoon), but the rest of the park really does not stand up in a themeing competition. DCA’s main advantage is the number of unique attractions – ironically in the most derided area Paradise Pier. DCA has a total of 8 unique attractions – second in Disney parks only to EPCOT. So overall, I still like DCA as a park on its own. Its a nice place to spend a day (or at least a part of a day).

Is DCA the best Disney park? Heck no – that would be Tokyo Disney Sea. Is it the worst park? Not even close – that would be the Disney MGM Studios in Florida. (I’m going to get a lot of flack for that one, but it has no unique attractions – if it didn’t have the best Tower of Terror who knows how low it would go. Even Walt Disney Studios Paris has a unique attraction.). One of these days I’ll have to put out my list of best vs. worst of the Disney parks.