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Busy Josh Experience

It seems like I am in a rut of being busy busy (as Jason likes to say). I had another one of the HP Core/Disney Work days on Friday and it always wipes me out. I’m the type of person who has a hard time concealing my feelings so when I was wiped out at work everyone was asking me if I was OK. Thankfully the scheduling gods have been nice-ish and the next few weeks I have Fridays off so I can just work at my Dads work. Grad nights start next week and I am sure I will be working the Wednesday ones in June and probably one or two Thursday night ones here and there.

The heat has returned but not before I was finally able to put up one of the map shower curtains that Mom and Gary got me for my birthday. Of course within 5 minutes of putting the map up I found a typo. On the map they have Santa Ana listed as ‘Santa San’. It reminded me of the days with Reed back at UC Davis when we would be printing maps that we worked all day on and have to wait forever for them to start printing. As we would watch the map come off the printer, we would find something wrong.

For those of you who like bike riding may I suggest: Down Low Glow

One final note: Vinod Menon of Mumbai India wrote me with the following:
“I just bought a Josh Machine, the Ikon NXT 1.6 Petrol. I wish to thank the entire team of Ford’s Indian Operations in bringing in such a wondeful car to the Indian customer. Its really a wonderful experience to hit the road with the “Josh Power”. Hope the back up service will also be as wonderful as the car. Becuase that is how a customer feels empowered. And as Peter Drucker Said “there is one valid definition of business purpose: to create CUSTOMER.””

I’m thinking he read one of my archive posts. It always cheers me up when I think of the Josh Experience. Maybe I should title my site “Club Josh: The Other Josh Experience”.