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If you haven’t had a chance to watch this epic train wreck of a mini-series, tonight is the last chance you get. Part 2 of the disaster event airs tonight on NBC. I watched part 1 on TiVo last night and I couldn’t stop laughing at not only the bad acting, but also the bad NBC Science. I can only imagine the hordes of people out there who think that it could actually happen – so much so that the USGS put out a web site debunking the myths of the show.

Despite it all, I still enjoyed watching things come crashing down. I was a bit disappointed at the Hot Wheels coming off of the Golden Gate Bridge as it collapsed into the bay and maybe the HO scale train getting swallowed up. Tonight they promise lots of flooding and L.A. finally getting hit with the title earthquake. I am still waiting for the “Token Exchange of Sentimental Item” as well as the untimely demise of a character (I had high hopes that Bo Duke was gonna get it in Part 1, but I was foiled by an easily broken sunroof). You know your disaster movie is in trouble when the audience starts rooting for the earthquakes to get everyone! What this movie really needs is George Kennedy. I wonder what he is doing these days?

Tim Goodman of the SF Chronicle has a great review of the whole thing and points out that the mini series is best viewed with others while conducting a drinking game. I couldn’t agree more.

Hopefully, next week’s “A Wrinkle in Time” adaptation on ABC will be better (at least better than Dinotopia!).