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Beverly Hills CSI

Late Thursday night, I caught part of Beverly Hills Cop 2 on T.V. and discovered the first time I had seen the vaunted “super-glue brings out the fingerprints” trick way back in 1987 when I first saw the movie. It is hard to believe that the technique (introduced by Axel Foley to Taggert and Rosewood as something that hadn’t trickled down to them yet) is still widely used on CSI.

Another CSI/Beverly Hills Cop connection? Paul Guilfoyle who portrays Captain Brass on CSI has a bit part as Nikos Thomopolis, the owner of the 365 Club in BHC 2.

Today Mom and Gary popped in for a quick stop. It was good to see them and gave me the opportunity to give them their souvenirs from Japan as well as Mom here Mom’s Day gift.