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A Wrinkle in Time and More

It has been crazy-busy the last week with people coming into town and with my work schedule so I’ll do some quick mini-updates:

A Wrinkle in Time was really good on ABC last Monday. It was true to the book and was great to see on the screen. The special effects were pretty weak, but if you were able to get past those and some weak acting on the behalf of Charles Wallace, you can see how strong the original material is.

Cooper and Company were in town this week, and I spent some guest time in the park. I also took some photos of DCA and I will try and post them on the site soon. When people tell me that they spend a week at Disneyland, I wonder what they do with all that time. Spending time with the Cooper clan, I now know when you have little kids, you are on a whole different time table.

I did get to do a walk-through of the Indiana Jones Adventure on Monday night. It was super cool, but when I went on the ride on Wednesday, I have to admit the magic was gone on one of the last rides at the park that still mystified me. Thankfully, the second time I was on the ride I was more enthralled and enjoyed it again. I miss the snake tho – I can’t wait until it starts moving again this fall. When I was in Tokyo, I thought our ride was better, but now I am not so sure.