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A Relaxing Day

It reminded me of working that one Tom Sawyer Island Guest Control shift way back many moons ago. I was nervous at first – not remembering when to hit the spiels or when to stop the boat while the Columbia was docked, but thankfully I took notes during training and asked the CMs at the attraction lots of questions. All in all I managed not to make a fool out of myself and had a great time hosting groups up in the wheelhouse. A couple of them had to get some tips on whistle blowing so that they could get the right length down. The most rewarding thing? On my last trip around as the pilot, I got to do the ol’ shave and a haircut bit with the train.

I have a Columbia shift coming up this week and I can’t wait for it – just need to get through a couple of lead shifts. On the new schedule I just need to get through the 4th of July weekend before I get back into a nice stretch of Big Boats.

It is amazing how much room was created by eliminating the table and chairs. I am still trying to optimize my space, but I might be moving the box o’ posters into its spot freeing up egress from the bathroom.

Oh and one other tidbit – Andy sent me an invite to try out GMail. I really haven’t had a chance to take it out for a test drive – I hope to in the next day or so.