A Day on the Columbia

A funny thing happened today. It was my first day on the boat on my own and I had a blast. Towards the end of my shift these two gentlemen from Australia started asking me questions about how the Columbia operated. They then explained that they sailed on ships that traveled from Sydney to Hobart and were members of some sort of club in Melbourne. I mentioned to them that I always wanted to visit that part of the world (like I do to almost every Australian who visits the park).

One of the men, Brian, told me that I should look into signing up on a ship down there and that they were always looking for crews. His friend went on about how “the rate the PM was going, Australia will be a colony of the US”. I didn’t really have the heart to tell him that my boat was on a track and at the end of the trip around the Rivers of America, he hands me his business card and tells me when I get to Melbourne to look him up and we would go down to the pub and possibly go sailing.

It is this type of random guest interaction stuff that really highlights why I like working at Disneyland.