Dome to Dome Twice

At last I have finally began production on the DVD of Dome to Dome Twice. I’m sure some of you out there know what it is, but for the three of you out there who read this, Dome to Dome Twice was a sequel travel movie I made in 1994 with Wendy, Joe, and Death. We drove 3900 miles in 9 days around the western US with stops at Crater Lake, Seattle, Cataldo, Butte, Yellowstone, and Colorado National Monument. We started out with ambitious plans to go to Denver and also Four Corners, but by the time we camped out in Yellowstone, things went downhill. The camera was damaged when Death accidentally fell on some steps at an overlook at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone river as well as the original Gorn was lost at the Old Faithful Inn.

After the trip some mending of relations needed to occur, but for the most part we all got over it and look back on the trip with fond memories (well at least most of us do). It has been fun watching the video and finally editing it the way I wanted to 10 years ago. I am not sure if I will post some of the video on the site. I don’t really have a good real media converter and some of the files are large.

I have also begun transcribing my Tokyo Trip Diary. Chapter 1 is done and I am trying to get a chapter done every day or so. Stay tuned!