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Stonehenge Megalithic Monument or Just Plain Manure Pile?

The title refers to a video I made with Leif Peterson for a 12th grade (I think it was English Lit or something). I unearthed the video copy I have and I had forgotten two things: 1) How funny the darn thing still is; and 2) How disappointed that I don’t have the master tapes. When we edited the tape together (or when I duped it) some of the best bits got spliced over. I wish somewhere out there Leif still had the videotapes (I’m pretty sure we used his camera or that he ended up with a copy of the tape that is better than mine). Of course, I think only Leif or myself can truly appreciate the video and can gleam out some of it.

Another video I digitized was from college – Mutual of Omaha’s Mesoclimate Adventure. It also got the ending cut off by some TNG episode (damn I hate early 90’s VCRs). The good thing is that all the fun was in the early part and is still there to see so it is not as much of a disappointment as Stonehenge is.

I tried digitizing some of the old WKJC stuff that Alex, Kris, and I did back in ’88. Unfortunately the old PXL dub to an old VHS tape has not lasted well. It was almost impossible to see back in ’88 when I transferred it, and now time has taken its toll and its almost pitch black. I was able to brighten it up so you can actually see it as it looked like copied from the PXL. The only real fun stuff is the one episode of Captain’s Log (don’t ask) that survived with the three of us trashing Mom’s white couches in the front room which doubled as the bridge in the episode “Mr. Schmuck has lost his ears”.

One tape that is proving elusive to find is the one that has “Beyond Earthquake”, “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure”, and “Chronologie”.

Jeez I was a disaster movie dork back in High School. Some things never change – just the special effects get better.

Curious as to how bad these epics are? Rest assured – Windows Media and/or Real Player versions coming soon!