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The Negotiator

I have earned a reputation among the relatives as the negotiator. Whenever they want to buy a car, I get a phone call asking me to come along and make sure that they get the best deal. This is the aftereffect of working at Edmunds as well as just knowing about cars.

I got Amanda into a Chevy Tahoe for $5000 off sticker plus incentives and her trade in for a total of $16,000 off sticker. I also managed to talk them down from 9% to 4.9% interest. Today I went with Timothy to get him a Toyota Matrix. I didn’t get into full negotiator mode since he wanted a hard to find style and the dealer gave us a decent deal up front (less than 3% over invoice).

All in all, I have helped buy a total of at least 8 cars. I actually kind of enjoy it. Dad keeps telling me that I should be on the other side of the table or buying cars for people. I think I’ll stick to Disney for now.

I finally finished Dome to Dome Twice. It took over 12 hours to render the DVD, so unless I find a major error, it is good to go. I think the menus and titles came out well and I can’t wait to send it to the crew that was on the trip.

I am still working on some web sites with Haim, but have found myself against a wall creatively. It has been awhile since I have had to create something from the ground up on my own, but once I get going I think things will be OK.