Movie Reviews

Mystic River

*** 1/2 / ****
Dir: Clint Eastwood
2003 Color English 137 Min
Rated R for language and violence.

Plot sentence from IMdB: “Three childhood friends are reunited after one loses a daughter”

Another flick that was on my rental list. I watched it with Jason and he kept commenting how intense it was. It is an acting tour de force and it is directed in typical Clint Eastwood fashion (read slow and methodical – it is almost like he thinks he is David Lynch, but with less symbolism). Sean Penn and Tim Robbins won Oscars for their acting chops in this movie. The plot unfolds and the movie is full of raw emotion. If you let yourself get caught up in it, I think you will find it worth your time. Overall, it was a great movie – a bit intense so be prepared.