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Where does this money come from?

A few years ago, the Social Security Administration started sending out yearly summaries of how much money you have made and how much you have contributed to Social Security. I think this is pretty cool, but lord knows how much it costs to send it out.

I was fascinated to note that last year I made roughly the same amount as I did in 1997. Man, the more things change the more they stay the same. Interesting to note though I am paying roughly $400 more a month on rent and about $100 more a month on car payments. I never knew I had it so good at UC Davis. Another interesting tidbit is that apparently the money I made as an intern was never reported correctly. I remember there being an issue with the amount I owed on taxes those years because of my W-4s and the fact that I never made over a certain level weekly to get things deducted.

Another sobering fact is that if my annual salary remains constant until I retire, I will get around $1200 a month when I retire in 37 years. One can only imaging how many cans of dog food that will buy to eat. Me thinks I better start setting up some alternate retirement plan.