Club Josh

Gallery Upgrade

As some of you might have noticed, I finally changed the main page image.

Well, I wanted to post another picture of the Columbia that I took in the Gallery I have for Disneyland NO/CC pics. Well, it turns out some of my galleries are hosed and I needed to upgrade to v1.4.4 to fix it. So after some behind the scenes work, I managed to upgrade the Club House gallery. Why are the Disneyland photos there instead of in the Trip Diaries section? Mainly because I work there and it seems more of a what I do thing rather than a where I visited thing. I did link the galleries in the Trip Diaries redesign.

Let’s see: the Disneyland Paris photos, the Gorn photos, and the Trip Diaries photos are all in different installs of gallery. So by the time I finish upgrading I should be good at it. Just remember to CHMOD all directories to 777 before copying the new files. Oh and make sure I re-run the new config file as well as make sure all of the php files get uploaded as ASCII not binary.