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24 hours can change your life

It is amazing the amount of things that can happen in a 24 hour period that can completely alter your life. I mentioned before that I have been having issues with a friend and now they have finally hit a head where we are not on speaking terms. It seems so high school, but sometimes it is for the best. I won’t go into great detail, but rest assured as before things will eventually work themselves out for the better. I always think of Sweet Charity when she gets dumped at the end of the movie and people ask her why she is OK. She then replies, “When you hit the bottom, there is no where to go but up!” That saying has kept me going many times – especially it seems in the last few years.

In other news, Nathan was in Vegas for the last few days, and I briefly hatched a plan to go and see him, but alas all this nastiness got in the way. I have some open vacation time now, so I might just have to pay him a visit in Boston when he gets settled. I might even get a chance to see Andy in his natural element.

Cooper and I have been IM’ing most of the night. He has reminded me one of the best things to do when you are down is to buy yourself something nice. We shall see what comes out of it. I gotta be careful though – I have a full plate of DVDs coming out in the next three months so I have to save up! Another thing we chatted about was maybe moving somewhere in 2 years..

Fingers crossed!