Club Josh

Has it been slow?

Traffic this month is out of control!! Not since the Charo Sprint PCS ad aired a few years ago and when linked to the Gorn page, have I seen such a spike.

Normally, Club Josh averages about 10,000 hits a day (yeah I know the stats on the Club House section are out of date). Our new daily record was set on Labor Day (the day after the first episode of Surreal Life aired) with almost 40,000 accesses to the server. At this rate, I will be way over the 10GB transfer allotment on my server. So what did I do? I went and added a bunch of new Charo photos to the site courtesy of RJ in New York. He was kind enough to send me a CD with over 100 photos of her concert at the Duchess County Fairgrounds. Far be it for me to miss out on a chance to update the site when people are looking.

To put it all in perspective. Club Josh used to get 8000 hits a month. To the whole site. I wish my stats went back that far. But even in October of last year the Charo section had 98,000 accesses for the month. Last month, it had 234,000. The Gorn is way down – or I should say more normal. Last October is when the infamous linking occurred on a bunch of blogs so it pulled in a record 50,000. (It currently sits around 30,000 a month). And what fills the space between Charo and the Gorn?? Disneyland Paris of course. DLP has long been one of the highest trafficked areas on the site going way back to the UCD era.

I think if traffic keeps up (and its already starting to cool off thankfully), but just in case it keeps going up and up, I might just have to pony up the cash for a dedicated server.