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Travel Time

This time next week I will be on my way back to Japan! I know that I was just there in March – making this the first time I have visited a place in less than a year. (The Euro trips of the mid to late 90’s managed to happen just about every year). The path to this vacation has been a long and arduous one since I bought the tickets back in August. But most of that is behind me and I am looking forward to getting back to Tokyo and Tokyo Disneyland.

I’m also hoping to get to some of the sights I didn’t make it to last time.
But of course, you, my loyal readers, have no idea where or what I did when I was there since I never posted my travel diary from the first trip. Also- I only posted the Gorn photos and the Tokyo Disney photos. I wish I had a laptop for the plane so I could write all of them up on the super-long plane flight.

I have mentioned before that I want to move Club Josh to a new server so I can host all of my domains. With all of the traffic the Charo site is pulling in, I just might be able to afford it (at least until the Surreal Life is done with new shows). I think I might also start the site from scratch. I would keep stuff like the update archives, the Gorn section, and the Disney park photos, but everything else is up for grabs. I still need to finish one more site for Haim before I delve into the great unknown.

Right now I am listening to the Jarre Beijing concert from the 10th of October. I am glad I didn’t go due to the complications with tickets etc, however the remixes of the songs and the song selection are awesome – one of his best concerts in a while!