Off we go…

Well I am off to Tokyo. I wish I could point you in the direction of the photos from the last trip, but alas, I can only tell you to check out the Tokyo Disney photos. I am going to try and add some depth to the photos, but I know I certainly won’t be taking as many as before.

Yesterday was the ol’ birthday and I was given a special present by Mother Nature. Overnight on the 19/20th, the wind and rain was coming down fast and furious. Around 4am I woke up due to the noise. Something told me to head out to the front room to check the blinds and sliding glass door. I found the door closed, but the blinds were a bit open. I decided to close them in case any flying debris was sent my way. When I woke up later in the morning, I discovered that the nice tree that shaded my bedroom had fallen over in the night. Luckily for me, it went away from me and landed on a carport. No cars were harmed, and I am glad the wind was blowing the other way. Of course now it is going to be that much warmer in the summer.

Of course my birthday marks the 4th anniversary of the (Not-So) Daily Update. I’m sure if I was more prolific I would have had more than 600 entries, but it has been fun!

I finished more than half of my albums (some missing like the A-Teens – I dunno where the masters are…) and am set for the flight. I even found a listing of cyber cafes in Tokyo so that I might actually be able to post while I am gone.

Be back on 11/2!