Tokyo Day 1-2

The plane flight was actually quite nice. For some reason i thought that it was going to take forever, but 11 hours just went by in a snap. I think a good deal of that is owed to the iPod which made the trip. I had thought I lost one of the ear bud cozies during the flight, but I found it on approach to Tokyo.
Much less confusion getting to the hotel from the airport this time! Either they re-did some of the signs or we are getting to be pros. Another plus? The weather is very mild and nice. Temps in the high 60`s and low 70`s.

Today (Sat had a minor scare when the Tokyo Disney Ticket office rejected my card. I called Citibank, and it turns out that she must of messed up since they said everything was a-OK. I also found a free internet space nearby (about halfway between Yurakcho and Tokyo Stations called the Marunochi Cafe. I was able to log on and get the news that all appears to be go for my tour of Buzz! I will have to check back tomorrow or the next day to be sure.

Now after exchanging our rail passes and getting our TDL tickets, we are off to Daiba again to see the Toys-R-Us and the MEGAWEB Toyota showroom.
More soon!