Tokyo Wrapup

So once again I find myself living the same day again. November 1st x 2! I love time travel – I see why they do it in Star Trek all the time.

Here are some highlights of the trip:
1- Backstage with Mariko and Eric at TDR
2 – Riding the rollercoaster in that spooky amusement park in Himeji
3 – Visiting the Golden and Silver Temples in one day
4 – Go from the Ordinary to the Imaginary…Draaamaaaaatic Dis-ney-Sea…Dramatic Sites to seeee.
5 – Discovering new shortcuts to places in Tokyo, and then wandering around forever trying to find old hangouts.

Gorn photos coming soon when I get some sleep. Thankfully, I have all day tomorrow off to try and recover!