Arizona for the Holidays

Well I am in Arizona at Mom and Gary’s for the annual indulgence of food and shopping. This time, I decided to fly out of Ontario. Man, flying to Phoenix from the Inland Empire just isn’t worth it. It started out around 3pm when I was finishing up packing. I was lucky to be ER’ed today so I could get a jump on the traffic. When all was ready, I was on the road at 3:30. Traffic was its usual nastiness on the 57 (not nearly as bad as last Friday when I attempted to make it up to Dad’s for dinner). My plane was at 7:30, but I didn’t want to take any chances with traffic. I ended up arriving at the airport around 5:15 and discovered that the plane was actually late. So I had some time to kill in the airport. I thought since I was so early, I would be able to get into loading group A on Southwest.

Turns out that Southwest (and other airlines) allows you to get your boarding pass from home on the same day of travel. So all of these people show up at the last minute with their A passes and I am stuck with a B even though I had been there way ahead of time. Lesson learned: When I go home on Saturday, I will print my pass out just after midnight.

We ended up leaving around 7:50 and arriving at Phoenix at 10:00 local time. By the time I made it back to Mom’s it was already after 22. I am pretty sure if I would have driven here, I would have made it in less time. Then again, I would have been exhausted and still have to drive home on Saturday. I do think that when I come out for Christmas I will drive – that way I don’t have to worry about flying with presents or listening to some Valley Girl flirt with the bad boy next to her. Thank goodness it was a short flight!

Tomorrow it is off to Tucson. We are all heading down to Kevin’s in-laws for the day meal and then coming back home for a night meal. My friend Jason is coming over which will be cool since now that he lives here we hang out even less than before. I’m also hoping we get to go out on Friday night after I get some bargain hunting done in the morning. Not sure that I am looking for anything – maybe some good DVD deals or perhaps a new laptop? You never know!

I need to post something on Spongebob Squarepants – perhaps later.