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New Year’s Resolutions

Wow 2005. Thank God. Can you be a bit nicer than 2004? She could use some Ritlin. One moment she’s the best ever, next moment your finger is black and blue. I think I was sick more in 2004 than I have been in a long time (one hopes I am not harboring some major illness – more on that see below). The personal life didn’t improve much over the year, but at least I got to visit Japan – Twice!.

Highlights of 2004:
Going to Japan Twice
Meeting William Shatner
Charo on the Surreal Life (and the increased traffic to the site)
Seeing Jonathan and Nathan for the first time in years
Wendy and Mice having a baby!
Hanging with the Coopers before they moved
Amazing Race!
Learning the Big Boats and meeting new friends

My left ring finger still hurts
Getting sick so many times (but hey at least not on vacation!)
Not seeing so many of my friends often enough
Having issues with friends I see too often
Still single after almost two years
Not making Emerging Leader
Not hanging out and developing a deeper friendship with people I met this year

So in hindsight 2004 wasn’t that bad. I am fortunate to work in a place that I enjoy and am relatively healthy and make ends meet. Having said that, there is still a lot of room for improvement. So here are my official 2005 resolutions:
Go see the doctor (just so I know I’m not dying)
Go to the dentist
Go to eye doctor and get new glasses
Become an Emerging Leader
Travel to someplace new
Visit Nathan, Jonathan, Joe, Susie, and Matt n Steve.
Redesign the site for the 10th Anniversary

I am a simple guy, not very big ambitions I know. Maybe next year I’ll go for that whole get in shape/eat better thing.

Side note: A couple of years ago, I used to have a list of what I did on New Year’s eve. The last two years I have welcomed the new year doing one of my favorite activities – sleep. I was supposed to go to a masquerade ball (sorry Vance – don’t hate me), but I was reeling from the last few days of sickness (thanks Alisa!). Not the best way to ring in the new year, but after today’s dinner at the Outback, I’m feeling much better.

Extra side note: I am going to keep a list of every place I eat out for the whole year. Why? I am a dork. Plus I was wondering if I could list every McDonald’s in the world I ate at, and I couldn’t even remember all the ones in Japan. So I thought, “Maybe I can just list them for a year and see how horrible I eat” and then I’d have some motivation for 2006’s resolution.