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Around Everest and Hollywood

The Michael Palin DVDs have arrived. It takes about 2 hours per disc to convert to NTSC Region 1 backups. Trying to fit a double layered DVD onto a single layer DVD is a bit of a pain. For the most part the picture quality is fine, but when you have to compress near 50%, any high-speed motion (or rain as it turns out) gets real messy. As for the program, it really is quite good. I think it is better than the Sahara series (probably due to more interest on my part in the Himalaya than the Sahara. I also think the music in this series is better than the last few. I only wish that Nepal and the neighboring region wasn’t having so much difficulty with the Maoists, I certainly would like to travel there.

In web news: I think I finally nearing the last corner with the last web site for Haim. That means nice Club Josh updates will be coming.
In Buzz news: Time waits for no one. The opening date marches closer and closer, and I am beginning to feel some of the stress. Thankfully, I had a nice shift of pure cycling over the weekend which was a lot of fun. Today was pretty low key and was a half day due to the holiday. Lots to wrap up this week!

Daniel and I made it up to Amoeba records last night in Hollywood. I traded in 9 DVDs and got 2 in return. Basically old versions of the Trek movies and Mary Poppins. (My Mulan DVD has some scratches so they said no to that – I guess I’m not buying that one). I picked up Ring 0 and A View to A Kill. I think I am only 4 James Bond DVDs away from having the whole collection.