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Johnny, Mac Mini, and Mary Poppins

Just yesterday, I had read an article about Johnny Carson writing jokes for Letterman. I was happy, hoping that maybe, just maybe he might make another Cameo on the show soon. Then today, the other shoe dropped as it was announced that he had passed away. I always liked The Tonight Show when he hosted it. Despite who was on the show, I always tried to catch the monologue and was always po’ed when it was another repeat cuz he was on vacation (then again that was better than suffering through a guest host). No one has ever come close to recreating the same sense of atmosphere on their show. Letterman never tried, and kudos to him for sticking to his style. The others who emulated never got it because they lacked the same charisma and charm that he had.

The Mac Mini went on sale yesterday, and for the first time since being in Cartography class at UCD, I want a Mac. I know Andy made the switch awhile ago. I still think I would rather have a new Windows based laptop, but the software titles that Apple has produced are really awesome. Now if I can get a copy of Dreamweaver for the Mac, the decision becomes even more difficult.

I watched A View to a Kill the other night. I figured since I had picked it up last weekend and I hadn’t seen it in forever, it was a good way to kill some time. I was surprised how much I liked it, despite Roger Moore’s advanced age. Next up Ring 0: Birthday – no where as creepy as the first two. Call me crazy, but I think Ring 2 permanently scarred me, and this one was enjoyable, but still a bit of a let down. Finally, I picked up the 40th anniversary edition of Mary Poppins. The film has never looked better. In my other DVD, there was a glaring difference between the “effects shots” and the regular ones. In this DVD, they are closely matched, and unless you are looking for it, you can’t really tell.

For some reason, I love Mary Poppins more and more as the years progress. I think it is because it was Walt’s crowning achievement, and (as they explain on the DVD) was the result of Walt’s ability to get the best from all those around him. I think it also inspires me to give my best when I am at work. Just to make him proud.