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Tivo to Go

I finally received my service update and can now enjoy the wonders of TiVo to go. This nifty feature allows me to transfer my TiVo’ed shows to my computer and then using Sonic’s MyDVD software, transfer the shows to DVD. Only problem? The version of MyDVD that came with my computer doesn’t support the files. I already bought Nero and think I might have found a solution. What really gets me is that TiVo really wanted people to only use one software. They should have developed plugins for all the different softwares out there. Personally, I fully support encryption on the programs, but I’d like to choose which software suite works best for me.

I guess that is one of the problems with Piracy. Poor honest users like me (who don’t go posting their programs on the Internet, and just want an archive a la old VHS tapes, want to be able to record random shows (like ones where Charo is a guest star). These shows will never be out on DVD and I am not eating into anyones profits. But alas, there are hoodlums out there who sell TV series on DVD for cheap. Oh well. I am sure that I can find some software to help me. (Note: I have, now just need to try it out!)

At any rate, even if I end up only backing the files up as data, I am glad to be able to clear off some programs from 2003 from my TiVo. Also, I can archive episodes of Kath and Kim until they are available on DVD in the US.