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So I need to buy a laptop

I almost had one back last Thanksgiving, but now it has come to a head. I really need it over the next couple of weeks as we get closer and closer to our opening. I am still stuck in the sub-$1000 category, but the good news is that those computers are even better than the ones that were available in November.

I haven’t had a chance to do much socially. I missed Mandel’s birthday bash and I am (gasp) going to have to miss Anti-Valentine’s Day next weekend. Too much to do on the ride as we race towards to completion. At least tomorrow I get a nice day off to go shopping for a laptop, and to recharge the batteries for the weekend’s 72 hours of fun.

I will admit that some things in the last few days have really wrinkled my nose in the project, but when you are so focused on a goal, and you have complete confidence and faith in the people around you, there are a few moments of simmering, and then you move on – otherwise the whole effort of the last two months will get undermined.

I suspect that this month will be lite on the updates (since it is already the 9th and this is the first one of the month). I will try and shoot a flare up when I can.

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