Movie Reviews

Inside Deep Throat at the Red Carpet

I was finally able to get out from the OC and head up to LA to catch a movie and do something I have wanted to do since I moved down from No Cal in 1999.

First up the movie: Inside Deep Throat. I know what you are thinking. It’s not a porno, but rather a compelling, funny, and interesting look into the first blockbuster X rated movie – Deep Throat. The movie featured interviews with most of the stars and the behind the scenes people who made it and those who tried to stop it and ban it because it was indecent. There were several choice moments and colorful characters, and I was totally into the movie.

Now you can’t make a movie about and adult movie without showing it, and for all the write ups, there really wasn’t much to see other than a full frontal here and there – oh, and “The Scene” where Linda Lovelace goes down on Harry Reems. What is really interesting is that how much that shocked people back in the 1970’s. Another interesting aspect is how much the mid 1970’s and the mid 2000’s really echo each other in terms of public outcry over indecency et. Al (Janet Jackson anyone?)

After the movie, we headed out to Hollywood and walked down the red carpet for the 77th Annual Academy Awards (photos soon!). The Gorn was there as was Tiff and Daniel. It was a neat experience, especially now that I am watching them. It was very touristy and gooberish to do, but hey the truth hurts.

Today, I had a good day at work – I emerged from the attraction and interacted with guests for a few chunks of time. It reminded me why I like working at Disneyland. I can’t wait until all of our hard work pays off and the attraction finally opens!