Club Josh / Disney

We now return to your regularly scheduled ….

Well my four month test and adjust assignment is over, and I am now focusing on the opening of our new attraction here at the park. It is always exciting to be in on the ground floor of something, and when it is very popular and has a huge impact on guests, well it is what I live for at the park.

We have had a few bumps along the way, but I think all new attractions do at some point. You can’t expect everything to go 100% smoothly on the first day. OK you can hope, but just don’t expect it.

I am happy now I am going to be working some more evening shifts. It will be nice to stay up late and sleep in till 11. Ahh, the good life. I will also be getting to go back to Dad’s work on Fridays – so some semblance of normalcy will prevail again.

I am also looking forward to working on the ol’ Club Josh again. It has been months since I have done anything. I noticed Yahoo celebrated their 10th Anniversary last week. Sheesh, Club Josh turns 10 in June. I coulda been a multi-billion dollar corporation (actually at one point I did interview with them) – then again, it wouldn’t be so much fun either I suspect.

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