A quick trip to Phoenix

Today I am in Phoenix for a quick side trip. My niece graduated from high school, and the California delegation of my dad, sister and I decided to drop in and lend our support.
We departed So Cal at 9am and decided to make a quick side trip down to Glamis to visit the old family stomping grounds. None of us have been there in at least 15 years and it was amazing to see what had changed and what had actually stayed the same. We decided to head down the ol’ Ted Kipff road to the train crossing and see if we could find our campsite of many moons. After stopping in one spot and reminiscing about how it all looked the same, we realized that maybe it wasn’t the spot. So further down the road we went until we actually found the old train crossing and campsite. It became our in-joke – every time we saw a wash and a berm we’d say “I remember going over there it’s so neat to see it again”.

Along our way back down the old road towards the Glamis store, we had a Dukes of Hazzard moment. Amanda was telling Dad we should go off roading in the Tahoe. So Dad veered off the hard road, and didn’t realize he was heading towards some ruts. Next thing I know, he is flying in the air out of his seat and we are all bouncing up and down like crazy. Dad was worse for the wear since he is prone to not wearing a seat belt, but after all was done and we came to a stop, we were all busting up laughing. Dad was a little sore, but then we all kept giggling about flashbacks every time there was a bump.

Eight hours later we ended up in Phoenix and checked into the hotel. It was 107 outside and we all faced the prospect of going to a high school graduation in a football stadium at dusk in the heat. We then made it to the stadium and it was darn hot. Also, my niece’s graduating class was 770 students! Amazingly, we only spent just under two hours out in the heat – thankfully we were well watered and not in direct sunlight.

We had a nice reception at my brother’s house with some food made by a professional chef. The food was yummy as well as the desserts. But we were all pooped after the adventure. Amanda and Dad headed for the hotel, and I was off to Mom’s to spend the night. Tomorrow it is back to So Cal in the AM and then a nice relaxing evening at home.