Disney / Earthquakes and Natural Disasters

0 for 4

California has had 4 moderate to large earthquakes in the last five days, and I have felt a grad total of zero. I feel so left out! Two of which I can understand – Tuesday’s 7.0 and Today’s 6.4 quakes off of Eureka coastline were a bit out of the “Did you feel it?” range for So Cal. However Sunday’s 5.2 and today’s 4.9 centered out near Palm Springs was certainly felt by many in the LA area, just not me.

Sunday, I was at work walking around the outside getting ready for the onslaught of guests. One of my CM’s told me that our Photo Edit position was rolling back and forth, but sadly I didn’t feel a thing. Today, Daniel and I were at IKEA picking up a few odds and ends for his new place when the temblor hit. Mom even gave me a ring to see if I was OK and if I felt it, but alas, I felt nothing in the sea of Billy bookcases and odd plastic stackable furniture. I also wonder if the fact I had to pee really bad at the time had anything to do with my lack of focus on outside events.

Today, I also did a bit of Father’s day shopping in the park and rode the newly-enhanced Jungle Cruise. I certainly think of all the minor touch-ups to the rides in preparation for the park’s 50th anniversary, this one is the most successful.