Disneyland is Your Land

Well I survived the big anniversary. Today was the 50th Anniversary of one of my favorite places on earth – work! It was awesome being in the park today and seeing a sea of people wearing the golden Mickey ears that were handed out at the main entrance. Us cast members received a bag of goodies including a souvenir map, collectable pin, a book from the head of Parks and Resorts telling us in pictures how important we are (and featured several of my friends!), and our own set of Mickey Ears.

We also scored free cupcakes, snacks and drinks as well as a chance to get a special edition of our work newsletter, The Disneyland Line, which featured all of our names in it! Last, but not least, I also got to pose with a copy of the new Window on Main Street – dedicated to us the cast. It was nice to feel appreciated, and all the managers looked sharp in their formal business wear – adding to the meaning of the day.

I watched the ceremony with Art Linkletter, Gov. Arnold, Bob Iger, and Michael Eisner which was nice. Art really stole the show and proved he still is capable of hosting things even at 93. Diane Disney Miller was there as well putting the final exclamation point on the happiest homecoming on earth – after all it was her and her sister Sharon who led to Walt dreaming up Disneyland.

At 4:45pm, as I was leaving, they re-broadcast Walt’s dedication speech at the exact time he delivered it 50 years ago. It is something to remember that I was in Town Square, 50 years to the minute later.

All in all, a very cool day at work! Who knows, maybe I’ll be there for the 100th Anniversary when I am 82.

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