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Gosh only the second post for August! Here has been what’s going on…

For one reason or another, I have decided to stay put and not move into the new place. The price they finally settled on for the remodeled unit was way over what they originally estimated for me, and they were just going to assign me an apartment and not let me pick. Also, I was not too hot on the commute through the Santa Ana Canyon as well as the fact I would have to give up my refrigerator. I think I am going to sign another lease at the current place and then spend some money to paint the apartment through their painting program. I also have resolved myself into going through the rest of the stuff in boxes that have been like that for two years and either tossing it or storing it better.

Work has been going good, I am a bit burned out still after the busy summer, but vacation and shorter hours arrive next week!
I had some medical stuff that cropped up in the last month that were kinda gross and worrisome, but it turned out to be just a nasty bacterial infection and not something more sinister like a viral infection. Just be careful when you scratch your face!

Mom and Gary were out this past weekend as part of a birthday getaway. I met up with them for dinner and a quick run through Disneyland. Mom enjoyed the new Space Mountain, but was hooked on Buzz Lightyear. I was a little out of it because I wasn’t sleeping well due to the whole apartment thing over my head.

Hong Kong is almost here! Vance and I have been trying to decide what to see and where to go (besides Disneyland). Hopefully, Matt has Internet access in his apartment where we will be staying so I can post some photos. That reminds me that I never upgraded the server space for the site..
That is really all to report now… I still will try and get some movie reviews done and post those Charo photos from SF soon!