Hong Kong Day 1

Well I made it to Hong Kong!

After my marathon day getting my passport, by the time I made it to LAX, I was exhausted. We had to wait an hour in line for the TSA checked bag screener, but other than that it was a pretty low key adventure in the airport. The flight was a bit shorter than expected – only 13.5 hrs due to a favorable winds. The problem with the 747-400 is that economy class is mondo crammed, but it was an enjoyable experience overall.

I slept right after dinner for almost 7 hours, and then watched a DVD , on the lap top. During the flight, one of the flight attendants, Taka, told Vance and I that we were selected to take a survey and gave us some free stuff from Business Class as well as these cool HK Disneyland travel bags! I knew we were being set up when he said he was psychic and wanted to see if he could guess the name of the person meeting us at the airport. Yup, turns out it was Matt’s friend who just happened to be on the flight.

By the end of the flight, we had a bottle of champagne and some more goodies to take with us. Matt met us at the airport as promised and we were whisked away in the taxi to his uber-swank condo in the sky. It is a bit out of the city, but Matt is going to show us the ropes today on how to get around. He is very busy with the opening coming up this weekend, but promises some fun times!

Well it is 9am HK time now, so I am going to go take a shower and get ready for a day and night out on the town!