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Dir: Akira Kurosawa
1950 Black and White Japanese 88 min
Unrated because they didn’t do that back then silly.

Leave it to Akira Kurosawa to break the string of Netflix disappointments. I admit this one has sat on my record player for the last two months waiting for a chance to get watched. It even traveled to Hong Kong since I figured that I would watch it on the plane. Tonight I dove in and I am glad I did.

The story was basic but straightforward. The acting was top notch as usual, but let’s be honest, Kurosawa is an awesome director and editor and his cinematographer, Kazuo Miyagawa did an amazing job. I think that is why people watch his films really or at least why people in the US do – to marvel at amazing filmmaking. Like Seven Samaurai, and even Amelie, it is a testament to a foregn film that it keeps me interested despite language barriers