Movie Reviews

Un Long Dimanche de Fianailles (A Very Long Engagement)

Dir: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
2004 Color French 133 min
Rated R for Violence and Sexuality

Ok, I fell for the “If you Love Amelie you will love this French movie starring Audrey Tatou” line. Damn. Believe me I know Amelie, I Love Ameile, and The Longest Engagement, you are no Amelie.

It is a sweet story about lovers who get separated by war. There is some amazing cinematography in this one as well as some top notch acting (even a surprise visit by Jodie Foster! Acting in French! Who Knew!). I admit I got a bit bleary eyed at certain parts, especially the end. A good date movie if there ever was one despite the occasional blood and violence (It takes place after WWI and flashes back to wartime so duh). Some memorable supporting characters always make for a good time in my book and this movie is chock full of them.

So in the end, I liked the movie, but it just didn’t engross me as that other French movie.