Maggots are Gross

One of my many tasks when I work at My Dad’s is to go to Smart and Final to pick up supplies for the shop and his household. One of the regular items to pick up is dog food for the famous guard dog at work. The dog is uber picky about food so I make sure to get her the chopped beef rather than the chunky beef. Apparently the dog likes her food as unrecognizable as I do.

So I went up to grab two packages – no worries. Around the next two I noticed a peculiar smell and to boot I could see something moving. I shuddered at the realization that one of the cans of dog food had ruptured and had been sitting on the back shelf of the Smart and Final (that’s the one in Huntington Park off of Alameda) for a few days/weeks and had rotted to the point that there were maggots crawling all over the spoiled food. I nearly lost my lunch (thank goodness I didn’t have the usual morning prefab off the lunch truck!) I decided to skip dog food this time and continued about my shopping.

I couldn’t shake that smell. It seemed to be on my hands and my clothes and inside my nose for good. Thankfully, when I got back to the shop the Sulfur Dioxide killed the odor in my nose and a thorough hand washing got the stank outta my hands. I think I will have to burn my shirt though.