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The Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Ugh. I can think of no other way to express it. After the worrisome bacterial infection of the past summer, the sequel has reared its head, except this time it is around my left eye. It seems that I have some sort of stye/spider bite thingy that has swollen my eyelid. To boot, the bumps near my eye are particularly painful. Personally it feels like there is a huge piece of sleep trying to get out. So off to Urgent Care I went.

The doctor kind of gave me the “I can’t believe you are here for this” look before prescribing an antibiotic and some creme. The worst part? I have to put this stuff that looks like Neosporin in my eye three times a day. It had better be worth it!

I am so over having these things in highly visible areas. How about something I can hide from plain sight so that people of work don’t stare and hurriedly take their children in the opposite direction?

And of course the kicker is that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have to fly over to Phoenix. Great. Now I am going to be scaring children and I will get extra security scrutiny because I have an Evil Eye. I think Mom mentioned something about family photos to boot. Kind of like that photo of the 50th celebration with my last facial blemish. Is there no escaping it??