Turkey Day 2005

All in all it was a pretty nice day. Loads of relatives showed up at Casa Mama to partake, even my grandparents who unfortunately have to rely on the Red Van to get around. I of course was not exactly thrilled to have to suffer through a holiday with the beast on my eye. I think Thursday was its worst appearance yet – partially because I was tired from getting up before dawn to catch the plane to Phoenix. Luckily throughout the day it improved.

In my eye and sleep induced fervor, I forgot my camera so I never got to take any pictures. We did have a great meal with Turkey, ham and roast Beef plus all the usual sides. Gary even made three pies as well as a chocolate cake. After dinner as the numbers started to dwindle, we played “Scene-It” and Trivial Pursuit. Needless to say I was on the winning side on both. I particularly angered the opposing team for Scene-It since I missed out on a few rounds and really only participated in the final challenge which I nailed all three questions. TP finished closer that it really was since Mom and I dominated with help from Chantal and sometimes Kameron.
I usually get up for Black Friday, but the only thing that looked appealing was a Flash drive, but I didn’t feel like braving the crowds. Daniel told me of his experience trying to get Leslie a laptop at Wal Mart. Sounds horrific, but hey at least she got one!

Friday was spent relaxing. The beast finally started to relinquish some fluids, and was markedly improved. I still didn’t like the thought of traveling with it since I am sure the people on the plane were wondering what kind of freak I was. Today, the beast had shrunk a little more, and I’ve decided to take it easy around the house. I’m hoping to work on some anti-clutter projects around the house.