New Phone

My last post was a test from my new LG 8100 camera phone. After two plus years with the old phone, I decided to get something a little more modern. I was going to stay with T-Mobile, but the lady in the store was trying to say that I just got a phone in March. Considering the problems I had with my phone (and its three replacements), I decided to jump ship to the slightly pricier Verizon.

Mom has had them for a while and is happy with the service, and with my Disney Difference Discount, the monthly bill is about the same as the T-Mobile account, but with a much better phone and service. One of the biggest snafus that I came across is that Verizon is very anti-make your own ringtones, and makes it nearly impossible to use your MP3s as ringtones, despite the fact that the phone has a built in MP3 player.

So after getting a USB cable as well as some instructions from a web site, I was able to do a work-around of the lock and viola when my phone rings, I get to hear Vengaboys’ immortal classic, La Parada De Tettas.

The only other major issue was that it seems to take forever to get pix messages from Daniel’s T-Mobile phone. It also seems that his phone cannot receive pics from my phone. Oh well. I am still satisfied with my purchase as of the 14-day mark and since I only have one more day to take the phone back and cancel it, I think I will be keeping it.

To those of you with the old Mobile number it is still the same. I love number portability!